Monday, October 10, 2011

LEGO STUFF!!!!!!!!!!!!

These are the things that me and my dad made on a cool lego website together!!!!!


  1. These are cool structures. I always liked creating buidlings out of Lego. MY brothers always made vehicles. I like the deck on the first house. It makes me think that the people are overlooking an ocean.
    Angie Harrison

  2. These structures are amazing. I struggled at first figuring out how to build but I bet my Kindergarten kids will fly with this. I am imagining the discussions that will happen as they build. Hmmm.....thanks Yumi. Once again you have inspired me.
    Heather Jelley

  3. Awesome houses, Yumi. If I could live in Legoland I'd hire you to be my architect.

  4. Wow Yumi! I love the structures you made. I want to check out this website more and see if I can use it in my classroom for my Grade 1 and 2 students. It would be perfect for our structures unit. Thanks to you and your dad for giving me the idea!

    Aviva Dunsiger

  5. Wow Yumi these are really cool houses. If i could pick one to live in I would pick the black and while one because it has a lot of windows and I like the roof patio.